FAQ's for WinRD+ software.

Q. Does the program have any known bugs? A. Currently minor ones which hope to be fixed up by the time RD is on. These are to do with screen sizes only and do not affect the running of the software. However there may be essential software updates and you can change to the current version by just downloading the latest revision from this website. Any registration codes will still work in this case. Check your version is the latest just in case!
Q. Help, the program won't take my registration code. A. Simple solution - delete the RDContest.ini file from your folder and restart the program. Set up all your log settings again..Your existing RDLOG.LOG will not be written over. If it still won't work after this, email your callsign along with details of what is happens when you key in the registration code.
Q. My LogBook will not load into the program. A. You may have corrupted the Logbook file. Try opening it in a text editor and make sure nothing is wrong. If there is still a problem, email me your Log file and I'll try to work out why you can not open it..
Q. My printer won't print the log. A. The program only works with 600dpi printers in normal mode at present. For any other types of printer you are limited to text mode, or print the log as a pdf file using Acrobat, FreePDF or similar printers with 600dpi resolution. Then open the pdf file and print on your normal printer. Alternatively use the text printing option. (The printer scaling is being worked on - but why not be friendly to the environment and simply email your log from the program?)
Q. WinRD+ keeps saying"The contest time is over..." and will not allow any contacts to be entered.. A. Please check your PC's clock. It should be set up for local time and date along with the correct TimeZone that you are located in. Right click on the clock and left click. 'Adjust Date/Time' to make sure. WinRD+ will not allow logging contacts outside of the contest start / finish time or date (in UTC) so make sure all these are correct. You can not set a contest time period greater than 24hours, because the RD Contest doesn't run any longer than this. Also make sure your time zone is correct in Windows or you will be doubling your points score at the wrong time of the Sunday morning!
Q. How do I run multiple log books? A.If you extract the RDContest.zip file into different folders and create shortcuts to each, you can open each program at the same time. MAKE SURE YOU CHANGE THE FILENAME ON ONE COPY OF THE PROGRAM OR RUN FROM DIFFERENT FOLDERS / DIRECTORIES! Due to popular demand, I had to remove a file corruption check to allow multiple copies of the program to run at once under Windows, however the onus is on the user to change the filename of each log file, or put the software into 2 separate folders/directories.
Q. Help, the help file doesn't open. A.Okay - this is a known bug in the program. For some reason certain PC's won't open the help file. You can still open the help file by clicking on the RDContest.hlp file in Windows Explorer - Version 1.12 will have a fix for this. I hope to convert the .hlp file to a .chm file at some stage in the future to satisfy all PC's.
Q. I get a bunch of errors when I try the Email Log option. A. You must be online to try this option after the contest. These are most likely messages from your firewall application. I found that some Firewalls don't seem to like the Email option too much (they treat it as a mass SMTP worm virus) but if you allow WinRD+ to send it's email out via your firewall then it does work. I have tested this fairly well, but as it was a late inclusion to WinRD+ v1.11, I have not fully debugged the email side of the application yet for use in the 2005 contest. You must enter a suitable outgoing SMTP mailserver by IP or name e.g. usually mail.myisp.com.au or something similar and it must allow your machine to relay mail - usually your machine will be allowed to by default with your ISP.

For any details, bugs and questions about the software - email to: email