Download WinRD+ Software.

DISK To Download version 1.50 (2010 version) of WinRD+ Click Here File size: 0.3 Mb

To view the Change log, Click Here.

Known issues:
There are some issues with the current version, operators are reporting that in the first 2 or 3 contacts the enter key does not work and then works fine afterwards. Also the email log function is not functioning correctly in all systems due to firewall compatibility issues.

*CHECK your LOG before sending it in after the contest - you may have
to edit the log or the coversheet before you send it in due to a category change issue.
*NEVER work your own callsign in the contest - it WILL mess WinRD up
- the best solution if this happens is to manually remove your callsign from
the logbook using a text editor and then restart the program.
*ALWAYS us the ENTER key, not the mouse. This will prevent problems.
*If you need to run 2 copies of the program, make sure you
create two folders - email me for help if you require it.

Computer Requirements: PC Compatible, Windows 32 bit OS and 1024x768 display (recommended).
Version 1.5 should run on most 32bit versions of Windows including Vista and Windows 7. I have not yet tried WinRD on Windows 7 64bit OS.

Donations to support WinRD+ further development.

For any details, bugs and questions about the software - email to: email