NCRG 70cm Voice Repeater VK6RNS


Transmit Frequency: 439.9250000MHz.
Receive Frequency: 434.9250000MHz.
Modulation: 16K0F3E (FM)
Transmit Power: 10 Watts (to Antenna feedpoint)
Antenna: ???
Location: ???
ACA Licence number: 1451668 (Click here for more information)


This repeater will be on air in 2004 and hopefully will be linked directly to VK6RNC when it is placed in a permanent location. There is no CTCSS required for this repeater and it's frequencies can be accessed by all classes of Amateur licence. John VK6KK/VK6HZ currently is the repeater custodian for this 70cm repeater.

repeater-front.jpg (37400 bytes)

The front of the repeater and cavities. No the HP8549 analyser isn't a fixture :(  I think a suitable holder is needed to mount the handset microphone on the front of the cavity box.

repeater-back.jpg (45191 bytes)

The back panel of the repeater - new cables have been made - the circulator provides another 30dB isolation. Note the two parts to the cavity set - one is Rx other is Tx.

repeater-70cm-92pa.jpg (63021 bytes)

A picture of the 'retrofitted' FM92 PA (25W) and the controller - (a few small changes have been made since this photo was taken) - The Rx is on the right side of this picture. The original PA had blown up - but FM92 PA's are easier to find.

repeater-70cm-cavities.jpg (34879 bytes)

A close up inside the modified cavity set (top Tx side) - Notch - Bandpass - Notch is the configuration.

cavity-filter-plot.jpg (46568 bytes)

Here is a plot of the filter Tx and Rx - measurements plots will be added soon.


(c) VK6FJA 2004.