NCRG 2m Voice Repeater VK6RNC

VK6RNC Perth Northern 2m Voice Repeater


Transmit Frequency: 146.6250000MHz.
Receive Frequency: 146.0250000MHz.
Modulation: 16K0F3E (FM)
Transmit Power: 50 Watts
Antenna: Diamond X-560A
Location: Wanneroo
ACA Licence number: 347414 Click here for info.

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Above: The Diamond X560 dual band antenna mounted on a tower at the rear of the building.

Below: The repeater at it's current site in Wanneroo with the doors of the cabinet open.

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At left, VK6KDX, VK6HGR, VK6HRC and VK6ZDW putting some final touches on the tower construction.

At right, VK6HRC up the tower doing an excellent job.


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At left, VK6FJA installing the main controller with help from VK6JGW.

At right, VK6FJA assessing the power situation with VK6JGW putting the final bolts in the rack.

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Where is the repeater? Below is a map of the area with the repeater marked on it.



This page is reviewed as necessary and may not reflect the current status of the VK6RNC site. More information will be provided soon. . (c) VK6FJA Jan-2004