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Here is an article written by one of our members when the Northern Corridor Radio Group started up. It was printed in Amateur Radio magazine in February 1986. It explains something of the club history. When one of our group historians can research some further items for this page it'll get updated with further information. Nick now has the callsign VK6ND, Wesley is VK6JIP, Rob is now VK6XRE and Phil VK6ABL can probably still be heard on 160m CW!


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The original shack at Carine is no more. It was dismantled in 2004 and a lot of negotiation and work has been put into creating a new meeting place, shack and radio system for the Club.

The Volunteers:

It seems many have forgotten who was an office bearer over the many years of the club history - Here's what we have so far  *indicates confirmed - ? indicates "who can remember?".

Year President Secretary Treasurer
1986/87 John Howlett VK6ATA*   Peter Hacket VK6PK?
1987/88 John Howlett VK6ATA* Peter Hacket VK6PK? Alek Petkovic VK6APK*
1988/89 John Howlett VK6ATA Tony Lumley VK6ZTL? Dennis March VK6ZN?
1989/90 John Howlett VK6ATA    
1990/91 John Howlett VK6ZN    
1991/92 John Howlett VK6ZN   Darragh Wills VK6ZDW
1992/93 Phil Jamieson VK6ZPP   Darragh Wills VK6ZDW*
1993/94 Darragh Wills VK6ZDW   John Coleman VK6NU*
1994/95 Duncan Page VK6ZDP* Tony Jenkinson VK6ZDJ John Coleman VK6NU*
1995/96 Keith Bainbridge VK6XH* Tony Jenkinson VK6ZDJ* Phil Jamieson VK6ZPP*
1996/97 Mel Bishop VK6TVA* James McBride VK6FJA* Brian Field VK6BQN
1997/98 Bill Billington VK6UE James McBride VK6FJA* Brian Field VK6BQN*
1998/99 James McBride VK6FJA* Greg Webb VK6JGW* Brian Field VK6BQN*
1999/00 Greg Webb VK6JGW Tim Jones VK6EI* James McBride VK6FJA*
2000/01 Trevor Ward VK6HTW* Greg Webb VK6JGW* James McBride VK6FJA*
2001/02 Trevor Ward VK6HTW* Greg Webb VK6JGW / FJA* Richard Burden VK6TT
2002/03 Bob Daines VK6TRA* James McBride VK6FJA* Trevor Ward VK6HTW*
2003/04 Bob Daines VK6TRA* Richard Burden VK6TT* John Ferrington VK6HZ*
2004/05 Dave Croasdale VK6YEL* Jack Borthen VK6KDX* John Ferrington VK6KK*


Download a copy of "Spectrum" - the NCRG annual booklet (from 1995!) (1Mb)    Spectrum-Vol1Issue1.pdf

Download a copy of the "Year book 1992 -1993" produced by the NCRG (1.2Mb)   WA-Amateur-Radio-Yearbook-1992-1993.pdf


Once upon a time, a Perth radio station allowed clubs and organisations to get their name on a sticker with which they could then put on the back of their cars. I wonder if anyone remembers this one from the NCRG?

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Here's a Hamfest Flyer from 1992... there are more old ones out there, they will be added to this page when they get found I'm sure...

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